How To Make A DIY Pokeball

Published on 2016 October 14 by ManoTV

Ever wondered how to make a DIY Pokeball? Find out here how to make the iconic Pokeball from the latest craze: Pokemon Go!

You will need:

Step by step guide:

Separate the transparent plastic bauble into two halves and cut off the hole for the hanging thread with the pliers. Using the masking tape, line the inside of both halves of the bauble, leaving one cm from the edge. Make sure it is well covered! Take one half of the bauble, which will be the lower half of the pokeball, and line the outer rim with masking tape.

Pour your black, red and white paint separately into three different plastic cups – make sure not to mix up the colours! Using the black paint, paint the strip between the masking tape on the lower half of the pokeball and the outer edge on the upper half – right to the edge! Leave to dry.

Remember that you should have a thick black band on the upper half and a thin black band on the lower half.

While you’re waiting for your pokeball to dry, prepare your buttons! For this you will need to paint the larger button black and the smaller button white.

Once the black paint is dry, remove the masking tape from inside the two parts of the bauble, you should have a nice thick black band when you put the two halves together!

Take the upper half of the pokeball and paint the inside red. Repeat this process with the white paint on the lower half.

Once your buttons are dry, glue the small white button to the centre of the large black button, and then glue the buttons to the edge of the lower white half of the pokeball.

Pop a little Pokemon in the pokeball, close it up, and there you have it! Your very own DIY Pokeball to go and catch ‘em all!


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